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Every business can improve - but knowing what to improve and why can often make the task seem impossible.

Bencol has worked with over 100 companies in the last 18 years and has the experience to help your company implement the best practices, increase your staff capability and get you the results you need to make your organisation thrive.  We have worked across a wide range of organisations including manufacturing, tech, healthcare, warehousing, logistics, construction, processing, office & administration, government, non-profits, engineering and more.

We are based in Christchurch and provide services across New Zealand and Australia. We have a wide network of business partners to ensure we can help you. Our services are often co funded by various govt agencies such as Callaghan Innovation, NZTE and Competenz

About Bencol

With blended options of consulting, training and coaching we make your experience the best possible.

We connect to all your staff and give them knowledge, capability while removing frustrations, increasing productivity and we make it enjoyable!

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